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Chronic Pancreatitis

What is Chronic Pancreatitis & what are the symptoms?

Chronic Pancreatitis is long-term inflammation of your pancreas that does not improve over time which causes abdominal pain. The pancreas is an organ located behind your stomach dedicated to producing enzymes (special proteins) that help digest your food. The pancreas is also in charge of making hormones that control sugar levels in your bloodstream. 

The condition of pancreatitis occurs when your pancreas becomes inflamed. Pancreatitis is considered acute when the inflammation comes on suddenly, only lasting for a short duration. Pancreatitis is considered chronic when the inflammation reoccurs, or when the inflammation does not heal for months—years. 

Chronic Pancreatitis can lead to permanent scarring and damage to the pancreas and may even result in the development of calcium stones and cysts, which can block the duct that carries digestive enzymes to your stomach. This type of blockage may lower your levels of pancreatic enzymes and hormones, making it more difficult for you to digest food and regulate blood sugar. Overall, this can cause serious health problems, including malnutrition, diabetes and chronic abdominal pain.

For more resources about chronic pancreatitis, pease visit the National Pancreas Foundation.

Clinical Trials – Do I qualify for the TACTIC Study?

Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medical strategy or treatment is safe and effective for humans. The purpose of clinical trials is research, so the studies follow strict scientific standards. These standards protect patients and help produce reliable study results.

The TACTIC study is investigating the effectiveness of an oral drug (NI-03) for treatment of pain caused by Chronic Pancreatitis. Currently, the TACTIC study is enrolling study participants at multiple study clinics nationwide. To be considered as an eligible study participant, participants must satisfy the following study criteria: 

Key Eligibility Requirements for the TACTIC study:

  • Must be between 18-85 years of age
  • Have a clinical diagnosis of Chronic Pancreatitis
  • Have not experienced seizures in the last 12 months
  • Have not been diagnosed with any form of cancer within the last 5 years (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer)
  • Do not have active active Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV
  • Do not consume more than 2 alcoholic drinks per day (14 drinks/ week)
  • Are willing to use accepted forms of birth control or contraception through course of the study and are not pregnant, or planning to become pregnant

To see if you, or someone you know might qualify, please see our participant pre-screener questionnaire to answer preliminary questions about your eligibility to participate and leave a message for our study team members.

Please Note: A comprehensive list of study eligibility requirements will be further discussed with the clinical team prior to study enrollment.

Clinic Location Map

Please reference the TACTIC Clinic Location Map to find a clinic closest to you. You may contact the study clinic directly for more information, or to learn more about eligibility for the TACTIC study for Chronic Pancreatitis at

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